I like Marco Island Sunshine Ace Hardware.

I am often on the island with the kids and without my very capable husband.  This means that I, out of necessity, have had to become a good “fixer”.  There is always something that needs attention at the condo.  It is easy to identify what needs fixing.  For me, however, I usually have no idea what parts I need or if I know what parts I need, I have no idea what they are called.  I usually take photos of the problem, write down some measurements and make the trip to the Marco Island Sunshine Ace Hardware store.  I have not been disappointed.  The very capable folks there are always knowledgeable, helpful and very nice.  They also have a very nice bait and tackle area.

I like to eat at Snooks.  My kids like to eat at Snooks.  Snooks doesn’t always receive stellar reviews.  I do not understand those reviews.  The main gripe is that the meal disappoints.  Well, I will be the first to admit that you do not get a five star meal at Snooks. However, the food is good.  I like the fact that I can go out to eat here in very casual attire and find everyone else in very casual attire.  Kids are more than welcome at Snooks.  I like sitting on the picnic tables outside and eating my meal there.  My kids do too.  I like the trip to the salad bar and the bottomless pickle barrel that you find there.   My kids LOVE this part.   The homemade bread slices are so wonderful.  I order the grouper sandwich every time I go (yes, I said every time!).  I like to listen to the live musician who is usually there.  I like to watch the boat traffic while I eat.  I like to see the other families who are also there enjoying a meal (more often than not there are more than one generation sitting at a table enjoying their meal together).  To me, Snooks defines the Marco Island experience.  On a recent trip to Marco Island, we had three friends of my kids in tow.  We went to Snooks our first night and a good time was had by all.  On our only other night we ate out, I let the kids decide where to go.  Yes!  Snooks!  Even the newcomers were smitten.

Big Al’s Deli–don’t miss it.  This great deli is on Bald Eagle close to Porky’s Last stand.  The sandwiches are great.  The sides are great.  Honestly, we are a family of 5.  We have eaten there quite a few times.  Never had a bad meal.  Sometimes you wait.  This is a local favorite.  It is worth the wait.  You can even order ahead.  So, if you are going out on a fishing excursion and want to take a meal–order ahead and pick it up on the way to the marina.

I have heard another comment about the Marco Island high rises.  Are they there?  Yes.  Do they bother me?  Nope.  The reason?  Well, first, there are not that many high rises.  Just a few.  Plus, the beach is just so incredibly wide on the island.  You can turn your back to the highrises and not even know they are there.  Seriously.  You CAN actually forget about them.  I have been to other places in Florida.  More often than not, whatever accommodations are on the beach (be it high rises or otherwise), they are often times close.  You can turn your back to them and still feel their presence.  You can still hear the people who inhabit them talking, etc.  Not the case on Marco.  That Marco beach is a killer, whale of a beach.  There is room for all:  people, birds, buildings, etc.

My husband and I recently tried the Capri Fish House on the Isle of Capri.  There were two choices for dining–inside and outside (in a tiki hut).  We chose the tiki hut option.  There was nobody dining inside.  There were three other couples dining outside.  There were also a few patrons at the bar. 

The bartender was quick to provide us with a menu.  Our first wine choice was not in stock.  I ordered a fish dinner served with two slices of tomato and a piece of artichoke.  The fish came with vegetable and mashed potatoes.  My husband ordered fish with salsa which was also served with vegetable and mashed potatoes.  Our dinners were good but not fabulous.  Prices were about average for this area.  The server did forget my husbands salsa but it was brought promptly upon our request.  Also we did order baked potatoes but mashed were brought to us instead. 

Our only complaint was the fact that a cat (maybe a stray cat??) entered the tiki hut during our meal.  I am not a cat person and neither is my husband.  Eventually the cat left on its own accord.  We wish any of the employees in the tiki hut would have ushered the cat out. 

I will try Capri Fish House again but I will not be in a rush to go back.   There are too many other places to try.

On my most recent trip to Marco Island, I had to make a stop at Davide, the new Italian restaurant and deli on Marco Island.  As we approached the island, I was concerned that Davide might be closed.  After all, it was a Sunday and not “in season”.  To our delight, Davide was open.  There were four other couples enjoying their meals on this particular afternoon.  The visible food on each of their tables looked very, very good.  After we sat at our table, the service was great and the people were very pleasant.  I tried a scone and the brushetta.  My husband had the chicken club special.  The food did not disappoint and the prices are about average for the island.  This is definately a great addition to the dining scene on the island.  I also had the occasion to use the bathroom–immaculate.  My only concern is the small dining area–both inside and out are small.  I suppose they will accommodate the “in season” crowds with take-out food which is available.  ENJOY!

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