Snooks on Marco Island

I like to eat at Snooks.  My kids like to eat at Snooks.  Snooks doesn’t always receive stellar reviews.  I do not understand those reviews.  The main gripe is that the meal disappoints.  Well, I will be the first to admit that you do not get a five star meal at Snooks. However, the food is good.  I like the fact that I can go out to eat here in very casual attire and find everyone else in very casual attire.  Kids are more than welcome at Snooks.  I like sitting on the picnic tables outside and eating my meal there.  My kids do too.  I like the trip to the salad bar and the bottomless pickle barrel that you find there.   My kids LOVE this part.   The homemade bread slices are so wonderful.  I order the grouper sandwich every time I go (yes, I said every time!).  I like to listen to the live musician who is usually there.  I like to watch the boat traffic while I eat.  I like to see the other families who are also there enjoying a meal (more often than not there are more than one generation sitting at a table enjoying their meal together).  To me, Snooks defines the Marco Island experience.  On a recent trip to Marco Island, we had three friends of my kids in tow.  We went to Snooks our first night and a good time was had by all.  On our only other night we ate out, I let the kids decide where to go.  Yes!  Snooks!  Even the newcomers were smitten.

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